Vibrant Corporation announced today that Thomas Togami, who has served the Company as Director of Technology, will be returning to Sandia National Labs. Togami has been on Entrepreneurial Leave from Sandia and worked with Vibrant for over a year. The Entrepreneurial Leave program at Sandia allows members of staff to work in industry to either support the commercialization of Lab developed technology or to enable startup companies with lab developed expertise. “We are sad to see Tom go. He has added a lot of value to the Company, and we have had a lot of fun.” said Vibrant CEO Lem Hunter. “We knew all along that Tom would have to return to the labs, so it isn’t a surprise. We have been planning for this transition,” Hunter said.

“It has been a fantastic opportunity to work at Vibrant. I have learned much about Process Compensated Resonance Testing that will prove invaluable to my future work for the Department of Energy, and hopefully I have contributed to Vibrant’s success as well,” Togami said. While at Vibrant, Togami leveraged his 12-years of experience with Sandia to improve and apply Vibrant’s proprietary Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) technology to aerospace and power eneration components. Courtesy of Vibrant, Mr. Togami will have access to Vibrant’s PCRT systems for evaluation of potential DOE projects.

About Vibrant

Vibrant is a spinoff of Mechtronic Solutions, Inc. that has commercialized Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) for use in the aerospace and power generation industries. The PCRT technology, licensed from Magnaflux Quasar, is a revolutionary non-destructive testing technology that can determine if a component is structurally sound and fit for service. Vibrant has developed PCRT applications focused on the safety critical components found in the aerospace industry. These applications bring the power of PCRT to bear on new product quality control and in-service product degradation tracking. Vibrant is now performing testing services for several major aerospace manufacturers and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) firms.

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