Revolutionary resonance testing for increased reliability

Find the failure before it happens

Through our ground-breaking resonance testing, Vibrant tests the whole part, quickly identifying processing issues, potential defects and indications of future failure. By testing each part, rather than a sampling, our comparative analysis quickly detects exact parts with anomalies. Through life monitoring, we continually assess part condition throughout service, maximizing each part’s value and service life. We eliminate the guess work, helping you increase reliability and safety.

Explore Vibrant’s Industry Applications


PCRT technology is a proven solution in a variety of aerospace applications – ensuring only reliable parts return to the aircraft.

Power Generation

Adding PCRT technology to your NDT routine increases power generation performance and reliability, helping the lights stay on.


Vibrant’s PCRT technology provides added protection against component failure, reducing failures and keeping your auto on the road.

Discover how PCRT Technology can help you

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