A faster, cleaner, more reliable inspection method


Process Compensation Resonance Testing (PCRT) is a whole-body resonance inspection method that effectively detects damage in wheels and other wheel assembly components with higher quality results compared to liquid penetrant inspection. PCRT also features minimized part handling and does not require paint removal and replacement on every part, saving valuable time and reducing waste.

Efficient Aircraft Wheel Inspections

PCRT provides operators and MROs with a faster, less intrusive, and cleaner NDT method for volumes greater than 50 major overhauls a month. Resonance testing requires removal of hardware but can be done without paint removal, which can significantly shorten testing times. PCRT also requires less training or specialized skill from operators.

Vibrant’s PCRT service screens for outliers in production and in-service components. Resonance frequency data is recorded and analyzed against algorithms and statistical scoring, returning a clear pass/fail result, eliminating operator interpretation.


  • Improved efficiency: paint removal not required for PCRT inspection
  • High accuracy with a reduction in false reject rates
  • Test higher volumes faster than traditional NDT
  • Automated testing eliminates subjective operator interpretation
  • More sustainable: eliminates excess blasting media, penetrants, and paint waste
  • Defects discovered that penetrants and eddy currents miss
  • Up to 90% reduction in inspection time

How Wheel & Brake PCRT Works

The disassembled, yet still painted wheel is placed in the PCRT machine. Ultrasonic frequencies pass through the part. Resonance results from these frequencies are compared with advanced pattern recognition to produce an accurate, fast, and automated nondestructive inspection. Wheels or bolts with damage such as cracks, gouges, overtemperature exposure, etc. – are immediately detected and flagged. The process takes less than 30 seconds per bolt or between 3 and 10 minutes per wheel and ends with a green/red light inspection result.

Operators or MROs can arrange to have PCRT equipment installed in their shops or to ship parts to Vibrant for testing. Vibrant bills on a per-wheel-tested model.

Vibrant PCRT Automated Wheel Testing System

A Different NDT

If you’re experiencing recurring issues not discovered by your current NDT or are seeking a different kind of inspection that is faster, cleaner, and free of operator interpretation, PCRT is the answer. Contact us today to learn more.

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