Delta TechOps highlighted the benefits it has seen through the application of Vibrant Corporation’s nondestructive testing (NDT) services in a presentation at the Airlines for America (A4A) NDT Forum. The presentation, titled “The Future of NDT and the Upcoming Paradigm Shift,” described Delta’s adaptation of NDT protocols in response to new NDT technologies, including Vibrant’s Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT). Delta Principal Engineer David Piotrowski and Product Line Manager Alex Melton highlighted the importance of resonance frequency and mode data provided by PCRT, and the effectiveness of PCRT in detecting unacceptable material conditions like overtemperature in turbine blades. Delta TechOps uses PCRT for FAA-approved NDT of critical components for JT8D and CFM56 jet engines.

“We’re thrilled by Delta’s success in solving critical problems with PCRT,” said Vibrant VP of Operations Greg Weaver. “They’re a great model for the rest of the industry on how to approach NDT from a new perspective.”


About Vibrant

Vibrant provides Process Compensated Resonance Testing services to the Aerospace and Power Generation industries worldwide through its facilities in the United States and Europe. PCRT applications range from quality assurance and process capability assessment for Original Equipment Manufacturers to in-service structural assessment and life monitoring for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul organizations. Vibrant is certified to AS9100 Rev C, and conducts testing in compliance with ASTM Standard Practice E-2534.


About Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps is the largest airline maintenance, repair and overhaul provider in North America. Its customers laud its reputation for high-quality service and cost management. In addition to supplying maintenance and engineering support for Delta’s fleet of more than 750 aircraft, Delta TechOps serves more than 150 other aviation and airline customers around the world. The organization specializes in high-skill work such as engines, components, hangar and line maintenance. Delta TechOps employs more than 9,600 maintenance professionals and is one of the world’s most-experienced providers with more than 70 years of aviation experience. More about Delta TechOps is available at

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