Vibrant Corporation announced today it has moved into a joint location with Magnaflux-Quasar Systems.

Vibrant Corporation, having outgrown its current office space, has moved in with the Magnaflux Quasar Systems team. “This is a great opportunity for Vibrant and Magnaflux-Quasar Systems,” stated President of Vibrant, Lem Hunter. “The technology that Vibrant uses, Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT), is licensed from Magnaflux-Quasar. Over 10 years and more than $7 million has been invested in PCRT by Magnaflux-Quasar and the new colocation of the companies will help to push the technology even further.”

“We are very excited about the Vibrant group joining Magnaflux-Quasar,” stated Magnaflux-Quasar Business Development Manager, Mike Giannini.

About Vibrant Corporation

Vibrant Corporation provides nondestructive testing services to customers in the aerospace manufacturing and maintenance markets. The company helps its manufacturing customers to increase production yields while decreasing the likelihood of type two failures and helps its MRO customers to identify damaged or aged components sooner than has ever been possible. Vibrant serves US and international customers from its headquarters in Albuquerque, NM.

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