Additive manufacturing (AM) introduces a host of new challenges for nondestructive evaluation. The effects of material state defects and variations on performance and NDE are still being understood. Legacy NDE methods are often confounded by complex geometries and as-built surface roughness common in AM components. Methods that can cope with these factors, like X-ray Computed Tomography, may be challenging to apply beyond small populations because of cost and time constraints.

Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) is a volumetric inspection method that excites the resonance frequencies of a component with a swept sine input and analyzes the resonance response with advanced machine learning and statistical scoring tools.

This work describes studies demonstrating PCRT methods for NDE, qualification, monitoring and control of AM processes. PCRT detection of structural defects introduced by build process deviations will be demonstrated. Follow-up characterization with other NDE methods and mechanical testing for verification of PCRT results will also be shown.

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