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Vibrant Corporation’s efforts with the ASTM to develop a standard practice for PCRT has been recognized by awarding the working team, including Vibrant CEO Lem Hunter, an E07 Certificate of Appreciation. This award highlights the ASTM’s confidence in PCRT technology and the dedication of Vibrant and its partners to continue to advance PCRT as an accurate, fast, and affordable NDT method for the Aerospace industry.

The list of Nominees for the Appreciation Award include:

  • Mike Brandt – Alcoa Inc.
  • Mark Carlos – MISTRAS Group, Inc.
  • Mike Giannini – Magnaflux Quasar Systems
  • Lem Hunter – Vibrant Corp.
  • Mike Lally – The Modal Shop, Inc.
  • Dr. George Rhodes – Consultant
  • Mark Schiefer – The Modal Shop, Inc.
  • Surendra Singh – Honeywell International

Vibrant CEO Lem Hunter says: “Vibrant wishes to thank all of its partners for the dedication shown during the four-year process of developing ASTM Standard E2534-10. Their cooperation was instrumental in developing this standard and we look forward to their continued assistance in advancing PCRT in the Aerospace community.”

About Vibrant

Vibrant is a spin off of Mechtronic Solutions, Inc. that has commercialized Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) for use in the aerospace and power generation industries. The PCRT technology, licensed from Magnaflux Quasar, is a revolutionary non-destructive testing technology that can determine if a component is structurally sound and fit for service. Vibrant has developed PCRT applications focused on the safety critical components found in the aerospace industry. These applications bring the power of PCRT to bear on new product quality control and in-service product degradation tracking. Vibrant is now performing testing services for several major aerospace manufacturers and Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) firms.

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