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Company officials announced today the award of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, worth $70,000 from the Office of Naval Research. The objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate tools and techniques for detecting fatigue and fractures in critical DoD Components.

Vibrant Director of Technology, Thomas Togami said, “This project is a great opportunity to demonstrate the use of Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) to detect thermomechanical fatigue resulting from complex damage environments. PCRT technology has already demonstrated its ability to detect overheat and fatigue conditions. We expect the PCRT technology to be able to detect the combined damage mechanisms quite well.”

“This provides Vibrant with another great opportunity to advance PCRT technology,” said Vibrant CEO Lem Hunter.

About Vibrant Corporation

Vibrant Corporation provides nondestructive testing services to customers in the aerospace manufacturing and maintenance markets. The Company helps its manufacturing customers to increase production yields while decreasing the likelihood of type two failures and helps its MRO customers to identify damaged or aged components sooner than has ever been possible. Vibrant serves nationwide and international customers from its headquarters in Albuquerque, NM.

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