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The AS13100 standard was developed by the global aerospace engine industry, several members who are Vibrant customers, with the intent to improve the overall product quality of aerospace engines by focusing on the key systems and processes currently deterring consistent quality products. AS13100 structure follows closely AS9100D to which Vibrant has been certified since 2016. The new standard was used to simplify and harmonize the various requirements of aerospace engine manufacturers into a single set of requirements to improve understanding, efficiency, and performance of aerospace engines. The first impression of Vibrant’s Quality Manager was “AS13100 is AS9100 on steroids”.

In support of the AS13100 standard, the AESQ Strategy Group also developed a series of 13 Reference Manuals that provide guidance material and additional detail on subjects to aid users with implementation. These are very helpful manuals aiding an organization with the implementation of the standardized tools and processes.  Currently, organizations can claim only ‘compliance’ with the AS13100 standards, as no formal certification yet exists.  The supplier audits required by the aerospace engine manufacturers are self-audits, to reduce audit loads.

Staying One Step Ahead

As Vibrant has a long successful history testing components for aircraft engines and other parts for the aerospace industry and is a registered FAA repair station for testing aircraft engine blades, Vibrant wants to continue this business and maintain good customer relationships. The implementation of AS13100 will help to continuously improve Vibrant’s processes and quality supporting the expected growth over the next years.

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